Surprise Package

Well EET330 what a little surprise package you have turned out to be. Coming into my first workshop I thought I had a pretty good idea what this subject was going to be about. I was thinking (Insert thought bubble here) “Teaching with new technologies. Well that would just be like using iPads instead of books and all that jazz” (end of thought bubble).

However to my pleasant surprise I walked out of the end of the workshop with a completely different idea. As Mr Simon Perry from Woolsthorpe Primary said that using technology isn’t about it taking over the teaching role but about using these new emerging technologies to make learning POWERFUL He also mentions in an interview with ABC radio that technology is introduced to support learning not to replace. Another statement that Mr Perry said that really hit home to me is that he encourages his teachers to make their teaching as authentic as possible. This idea of making teaching authentic is where the rest of this post will be heading. I like to call this going off on a tangent. 

In my experience in the navy. I found that training that was made as authentic as possible was always received well by my trainees. Their feedback was that this style of instruction gave them a better insight into the job that they were ACTUALLY going to do once they posted on a warship and joined the rest of the fleet. Although I could not simulate rough seas and a moving ship

This picture is the type of training that I used to run when I was an instructor in the Navy.  Although it isn’t 100% authentic it is as good as it gets

Picture 1 is a simulated environment

Picture 2. The real deal.

So I have to end here because I’ve blabbed on enough and there is a 7 month old boy trying to get my attention.

I’ll finish with saying that I am really looking forward to doing this subject and especially making my stop mo film with Lego!

The ultimate stop mo goal is to collaborate with my sister a professional chef and chocolate maker to make a stop mo film about her creating a beautiful chocolate sculpture.


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One Response to Surprise Package

  1. Julianne Lynch says:

    Great first post, Jo.

    You are already demonstrating your skills in operating the blog tool (with photos and links). And I like the way you have make the connection with your learning in another context (ie. the navy).

    I’m really pleased that you found Simon’s presentation valuable.

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