Why am I here?

Another one of my class mates made a post about EVERYONE asking us ‘Why do you want to be a teacher?’

Who would of thought it would be such a difficult question to answer on the spot, but it is actually a really tough answer to come up with quickly.

We are about to start week 3 and I’m starting to get a clear picture of why. This picture is my main reason for becoming a teacher.

This picture has the two most important things in my life in it Michael and Xavier. These two will probably be featuring a lot thought out this blog and in some of my little creations over on the other page.

I do also think education is very important and believe that teachers can have a big impact on somebodies life. Especially the ones you remember to be horrible.

My year six teacher to my recollection was the most horrible teacher I dealt with during my years at school. With my year 12 English teacher coming in a close second. Both these teachers were really negative. For example in Year six my Mum paid for me to get a tutor so I could be ready to go to high school the following year. For the first time EVER I got all A’s except a B for handwriting. It was by far the best report card I had ever received. At parent teacher interviews my teacher asked my Mum if she thought I cheated to do so well in my tests. Mum didn’t take that question very well <Insert short angry blonde women here>.

I think that I would just like to make school a positive experience for 1 kid that might not otherwise find it that way at all. That is all I really hope to achieve. I’m not about the big picture and making changes in curriculum and policy or inventing new ways to get the message across. I just want to help provide for my very good looking boys and make school positive for 1 kid.

I’m sure my reason for wanting to be a teacher may change a bit over the next four years but I have to start somewhere.


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