I know find myself using technology or watching videos and trying to identify the skills that I would need to be able to use the app or even create that video.

I came to this conclusion yesterday when a friend of mine posted this video on my Facebook timeline.

WARNING: Video contains some Lego on Lego violence.

I found myself watching this movie besides enjoying it I was trying to figure out what the creator used besides Lego obviously to create this.

I would love to be able to make a Lego stop motion with this amount of skill.

I think this subject has given me the ability to break things like this down and analyse them. Gone are the days of just watching a cool stop motion video and thinking it was pretty cool.

I’m really looking forward for Xavier to be old enough to do these kind of little projects with him. It will be fun.

After showing my sister how to use iMovie and how to piece a stop motion clip together she has now started making little stop mo projects with my niece. She said it is a really good bonding time for them and they are both picking up new skills from their little projects. My sister claims to be a little addicted to the ideo of stop motion. I’ve created a monster.


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