Digitalizing Day Care

Today I am showing the lovely ladies at Xav’s daycare how to operate some apps on the iPad and share the awesome work that the kids there do.

We worked with a little boy who has just turned 2. He knew how to operate the iPad to the amazement of the day care ladies. He drew a picture using colorbox and we took a screen shot of it. We then put it in educreations and he tried to tell us what was going on in the picture.

We also let him play around with Pocket Phonics. He was repeating the sounds and tracing the letters with his fingers really well. Watching this little boy use that app has changed my mind about its educational value. I thought as a hand writing tool it wouldn’t be successful unless you were using it with a pen but he was using it to identify the letters and the sound. Good work little man.. you managed to change my mind about something.

He LOVED the Play School Art Marker.We noticed that he put Humpty Dumpty in EVERY artwork he created.  There are also jigsaw pieces and he improved every time he did them.

When he created this picture. He originally had both Humpty’s in the water. Then he added the waves and decided one of them should be on the sand. Maybe there is a way to enhance learning with this app to add the additional language for the younger audience and maybe teach about water safety in this picture. With the example that someone should always be watching you in the water.

So I’m now on the look out for more apps for the little boys and girls at day care. He had a go at Eden World Creator as well and liked changing the colour of the blocks. He would open the colour palette and say the colour and then change a few blocks.

This session was probably more beneficial for myself and the day care ladies then the little boy but he had fun! Can’t wait for next Tuesday when I am out there again. I’ve planned to do some art with a few of the older kids and then get them to do a recording using Sonic Pics.

Verenikina and Kervin (2011) discuss the use of items such as iPads for spontaneous play with young children. They also suggest that more research needs to be conducted in this field.




Verenikina, I &  Kervin, L 2011, ‘iPads, digital play and preschoolers’, HeKupu 2(5):4-19.

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