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I have noticed that readings from other units I am taking this Trimester are making me think a bit more about apps and technology use for children in education.

Nodelman and Reimer (2003, pp. 79-107) talks about assumptions adults make about children.

  • Dot point some assumptions in reading
  • Needs pictures
  • needs to be short
  • colourful etc

Culler (1997, pp. 83-94) talks texts having an implied reader/viewer. I feel that this can be used when selecting apps to use for children. I find myself asking questions like why is the app for this age group? Is there other ways this app can be used besides the way it was originally designed to do? I then start thinking about the assumptions from the Nodleman and Reimer reading and find myself asking why is this app suited for this age group? What assumptions are the developers making about children in this age group? Can this app be used by older or younger users?

I’ve found that Reading Children’s texts as helped me with thinking critically in regards to the use of apps and their intended uses.




Nodelman, P & Reimer, M 2003, ‘Chapter 5: Common assumptions about childhood’, The Pleasures of Children’s Literature, 3rd edition, Boston: Allyn and Bacon, pp. 79–107.

Culler, J 1997, ‘Narrative’, Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 83-94.

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