How do i…

Here is a quick question for you. If you want to know how to do something for example how do I tie a tie.. How do you find out?

I personally do a Google search on everything. I’d even search YouTube and Hey Presto


If I wanted to find out how to make a singlet out of an old t-shirt i’d go here..

Access to things like Google, YouTube and blogs has created this culture of being able to learn things from everyday people on the internet. I can learn how to do something in Australia from a 11 year old girl from Russia if she had posted a video. I think this accessibility has made people a bit more adventurous in trying new things. If that 11 year old girl from Russia can make a video about it then why can’t I do it. I can watch a tutorial via YouTube then go out and try it without the fear of  failure and embarrassment in front of a so called expert.

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