Interactive Whiteboard

We looked at Interactive White Boards in a workshop. One of the most memorable activity was the dissecting of a poor little frog. The good thing about being able to conduct activities like this means that poor Kermit won’t have to cut into one of his pal.

As discussed by Burden (2002, p. 18) that the use of Interactive whiteboards has been led by schools and that tertiary education is only beginning o investigate the potential for use in the tertiary education. In my first trimester at university I have only seen the white boards used interactively by students in 2 classes. I found both these lessons to be really helpful and the interactive exercise to be very engaging.


Burden, K. 2002, ‘Learning from the bottom up – the contribution of school based practice and research in the effective use of interactive whiteboards for the FE/HE sector’, Presented at the Learning Skills Research – Making an Impact Regionally – Conference, The Earth Centre, Doncaster, 21st June 2002, viewed 26 May 2008, available <>

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