Podcasts and Vodcast seems to be the most popular way for young people to be heard. If could be a heart felt message to family and friends like the first example or it can be just for a laugh like the second example

Example 1 :

My final goodbye

Example 2 :

Cheerful Harry


Schools are now producing a podcast that can be available to download from iTunes. Woolsthorpe Primary have their own blog that is created by the students. Follow this link to check it out http://woolsthorpeps.global2.vic.edu.au/podcast-2/

Rowan and Bigum (2010, pp. 185-203) discuss the possibilities and pitfalls in regards to schools producing content like podcasts. They refer to these schools like this as Knowledge Producing Schools. Schools like this offer the students to opportunity to take charge or their own education and produce things to help them become young informed citizens.



Rowan, L, Bigum, C 2010, ‘At the hub of it all: knowledge producing schools as sites for educational and social innovation’, The school as community hub: beyond education’s iron cage 2010, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Ottawa, Ont.

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