It’s been a while…

So I was under the impression the second trimester of my frist year of uni that I would keep my blog post going and would read back over this when I graduate and have a bit of a laugh and see how my thinking has changed or stayed the same during this process.. wow long sentence.

Well I’ll have a bit of a recap. Last Trimester I unfortunately didn’t get to take any technology subjects but will be doing one in the second trimester of this year. However today I was lucky enough to attend a conference held at the university for all the teachers in our local area. There were a lot of great workshops that we could attend and get tips and pointers on how to bring technology into the classroom.

It was great seeing the teaching community from the area all come together and share resources and information. I was a little surprised at the assistance that teachers from different schools were giving each other. I am still not quite sure if it is because we live in close nit country community and I am used to the big city thing.

Anyway I’ll update some more information later. Just wanted to let the no one that reads my blog that I am still alive and I will be posting this year.. promise

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2 Responses to It’s been a while…

  1. Britt Gow says:

    Well, now you have at least one reader, so you’ll have to stick to your promise 😉
    You may like to consider adding images and links to make your posts a little richer. Check out my blogs at and for some ideas.

  2. seeka says:

    Thanks for the link and the pointers Britt.

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