Goals for 2013

I thought seeing that it is a new year and apparently the 1st of January is the day you decide what your goals will be for the upcoming year. I have put together a word cloud using a site called ABCya!. So below is my cool little word cloud with the things that I want to work on for 2013 and well the rest of my life really.



My first year of Uni has really helped me with my grammar, spelling and writing skills, however it is still something that I feel I need a lot of work on. I took two literary subjects last year and I have noticed a massive difference in my writing. So I have decided to undertake another literary subject for my elective in Trimester 1. Not only will this subject help me with my goals for the year, I actually really enjoy it. The subject makes you think a little differently about the books or movies you use in a classroom. It makes you think critically about the text. You ask about the surface and underlying messages that the text might be giving to your students or children (depending who you are reading to). It also challenges you about the assumptions you make about gender, age, race etc. So I am looking forward at getting back into that.

Organisation is the key goal there to keep everything running smoothly. To be able to relax and have some fun and spend time with my family, I will need to be very organised. I’ve got myself a desk planner and a colour coding system for appointments. I’m highlighted PINK, Michael is highlighted GREEN and Xavier is highlighted YELLOW<- That says YELLOW.  

My focus on technology will hopefully be achived through writing this blog and keeping up to date with posts. I am hoping to incorporate the use of more technology in the TAFE program. I will also be using some of my tech skills with my role as the treasurer for our new Basketball club at Uni. We already have a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page to attend to. I have also been creating QR codes for people to connect to us easier (thanks to the rethink2013 for my new skill)

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