Placement 2012

During my first year I was fortunate enough to be able to do a weeks placement in one of the schools in the area.

For my first ever placement and first time back in a school for over 10 years, I was put into a prep classroom. I knew that if there was going to be any grade that would send me running it would be prep. This week was going to be a test for me. To see if this is really what I want to do as my second career.

Lucky enough I was placed with an awesome teacher and a super nice lady. She was great and helped me out a lot. As I was only a first year uni student at the time I didn’t have to teach any lessons but she gave me the opportunities to take some activities and help the kids out when they needed help.

In the classroom there was not much technology but I left the room thinking how on earth do you fit everything you need to into one day. Lucky I had the Navy beat some organiational skills into me. Hoping that comes in handy.

I was proud of myself for surviving and for remembers all the students names. Some of them quicker than others 😉

Placement was definately a learning experience. I learnt a lot of useful tricks of the trade and some things that I need to work on.

So I need to firstly learn how to write using Victorian Modern Cursive. I was taught how to write in New South Wales and well who would of thought it is different. I felt horrible trying to show some of the students how to write letters but not showing them the 100% correct Victorian way. Also I don’t hold a pen properly too… Probably why I never got my pen license in Primary School.

Also I learnt that Teaching is were I want to be. I loved my time on placement and can’t wait to get into a school again for my 2nd year placements.

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