Colour Seeka

After Xavier started daycare and I was home alone in between work and Uni. I stumbled on an interesting idea from Pinterest.

Basically you collect all old and broken crayons and melt them in the oven in those different shaped molds that are usually used for ice.

I kind of went a bit overboard and made heaps. I actually managed to have enough to give every child I knew a set of crayons for a Christmas present.

I am happy that I learnt how to do this. I am a big fan of trying not to produce a lot of waste and I’ve seen how many crayons my own son has used and broken. I could only imagine how much a school may have at the end of a school year. You might be able to collect all the busted crayons and remold them for new shapes and your new class in the new year.

I’ve attached some of the photos to show you my end results. This is also a fun activity to do with some kids.. a lot older than mine was at the time. I’ll keep this filed under ‘Use for a rainy day’ when Xavier gets a bit older.



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