I have an exam for my summer subject on of course Valentines day ♥

I have found the most effective way for me to study is by creating mind maps. 1st trimester of Uni last year I learnt about some web 2.0 sites that allow you to create and share your mind maps. My favourite so far has been Popplet. I have found it to be super user friendly (always a bonus). Some other online mind mapping applications I have attempted to use are quite complicated and not so user friendly. In saying this I am good with technology and learning new things around IT comes pretty quickly to me. I did however work in communications for 8 years in the Navy and have always been a bit of a computer geek.

Popplet also has an app for iPad and iPhone which you can link to an online account (which is super awesome).

This mind map that I have posted in here is based on the information that I was given throughout the trimester. The information does not reflect any of my opinions. This mind map is not posted here to offend anyone but is here as a demonstration of a study technique that works for me. Hopefully that little disclaimer is clear enough.

Yeah it is pretty massive and a bit difficult to read on this platform but I think you get the point. Popplet also allows you to collaborate with other people by gving them access to your popplet and they are also able to make a contribution.

Good little tool this one.. well in my opinion.

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