Tongue Twister

The class has now covered Acrostic and Rhyming poems. The next lesson is about tongue twisters. We all sat over in the library corner on comfy cushions and I read the students a Dr Seuss book. We talked about different tongue twisters. Some of the students even went home and asked their parents about some tongue twisters they knew. One of the girls put her hand up and asked if “She sells sea shells by the sea shore” was a tongue twister.

I also introduced the concept of alliteration to the class. I thought that this lesson was going to be a bit difficult but these kids sure did shock me. We started by using some work sheets focused on the letter F. It had words separated into nouns and adjectives. Each response had either a N or A underneath it so the students knew what type of word to place there.



I found these worksheets on This website is amazing. It has some great teaching resources. I will most definitely be going back here for more ideas when I do my next teaching round.


The best thing about this lesson is that some of the kids that are considered to be a bit lower than the average really excelled at the tongue twisters. At the end of the lesson when the class were all sitting down on the floor eating their fruit. I got these two students up to stand up the front of the class and read their tongue twisters to the rest of the class. They were so proud of themselves and everyone was very encouraging. It was nice to see students that usually struggle have a little victory.

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