My Hypothetical Classroom

I’m just going to put images and ideas up here of things that I think at the moment I would like to be able to use when I am a teacher. Most of these images come from a site called Pinterest. This site is great and really handy for different ideas from people all over the world. So I’ll start with a few.

1. Daily Child Sign-In: Great for pre-school or prep. The children sign into class and practise writing their name. Children should be able to recognise their name but if they can’t you can just add a photo so they can identify which page is theres.

2. Class Rules: I think these rules are great

3. Hold on tight: This will be my motto as a graduate teacher (if I get there)

4. 1st Day of School: The idea is to take a photo with a chalk board at the beginning of each school year with what they want to grow up to be. Would be great to see this change over the years.. Watch out Xavier prepare for lots of photos kiddo.



5. Paint Sample Storytelling: Paint samples often have unique and interesting names such as Western Sand, Beach Basket, and Mermaid Tear. These names make the perfect story-starters to inspire creative storytelling

I have finally returned and decided to provide with the link to my boards on Pinterest. I do not think this page would be able to keep up with the great resources I have discovered on there.

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