Tougher Testing

It is being reported that the federal government has announced a proposal saying teaching applicants will have to pass interviews, aptitude tests and provide written statement on top of achieving the necessary tertiary admission scores.  Teaching students will also have to pass tests and score in the top 30% of literacy and numeracy benchmarks before they can graduate. Read the article here.


I am not sure how I feel about this. I understand the need to have committed teachers but sometimes people don’t perform well in exam like scenarios. The mark on a test may not always reflect someones teaching ability.

Yeah still not really sure about this but I thought it would make for interesting conversation.


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Have you ever tried S’mores? If yes AWESOME and if no.. go do it now.

S’mores are traditional campfire treat in America and Canada. It is made up of a roasted marshmallow sandwiched between some chocolate and two crackers. I first stumbled on the recipe on the wonderful Pinterest. That site has EVERYTHING.



After a while we got sick of trying to make the sandwiches and just ate too many roasted marshmallows instead.IMG_2204


So here is a plate with the ingredients. We used Hersey chocolate because they didn’t have Cadbury in Hawaii but I think any type of chocolate would be fine.
IMG_2194These are definitely worth a try. The best Australian biscuit to get are Arnotts Nice biscuits.

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Diamond Head

We decided that it was a must to climb Diamond Head on this island of Oahu on our trip to Hawaii. We were hoping to get to the peak at sunset. We did make it up there in time but the rain decided to come get us instead.


The view from the top was amazing. You could see the skyline of Honolulu and the beautiful blue ocean.


The View from the top


Just a little climb to the top

After climbing up about 1 kilometer of mountain the image above is what we were faced. There was a choice of doing these stairs or taking the longer scenic route which didn’t ascend as quickly. We took the scenic route.


Some photos of us all red and puffed on our hike


I am so glad that I got to do this climb on my second time in Hawaii. The view was amazing and the walk was great. Nothing like doing some hidden exercise on a holiday. Lucky I packed my trainers.

 I highly recommend doing this hike if you find yourself in Oahu, Hawaii.

For more information on Diamond head  go here

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I guess you can’t go to Hawaii without going to a Luau.

This was my second time to Hawaii and I didn’t manage to fit one in the first time but I figured Mum would love the experience.


The food was amazing and the entertainment was amazing too. I highly recommend one. You can have a look at their website here.


As I have already mentioned the food was AMAZING. The photo below shows the guys taking the pig out of the ground. It had been cooking in their on volcanic rocks since 5am. It was about 7.30pm when this photo was taken. This pig was so yum. Words cannot even describe how amazing it tasted.


I am always impressed by fire twirlers. It is such an awesome skill. I’d be hopeless.


So if you are in Oahu anytime soon make sure you go check this out. Even if it is just for the food and 3 drink vouchers per ticket.

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Peer Pressure


The title of this post is not what it appears to be.. I am being peer pressured by my Mum to go sky diving when we are in Hawaii. I am a teeny tiny bit scared of heights or my parachute not opening you know all that good stuff. She has been flat out putting the pressure on myself and my friend to do it with her. So my buddy finds someone that will jump with her.. yep awesome… nooooo she looked at the website and for 4 or more people they will give a group discount. The peer pressure stopped for approximately 2 hours which was good but now she is back at it.

The photo gallery on the website of other jumps looks amazing and the view in Hawaii is to die for (no pun intended)

Well here is a video for you to make up your own mind.

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Humble Brag

I am taking a little holiday as of Saturday to Hawaii. Yes lucky me. I can’t wait to have a bit of a break and catch up with my bestie Krisite. I am going over with my Mum and unfortunately the husband and son will be staying in Australia. So this post is what I like to call a humble brag 🙂


Humble brag over!

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I have an exam for my summer subject on of course Valentines day ♥

I have found the most effective way for me to study is by creating mind maps. 1st trimester of Uni last year I learnt about some web 2.0 sites that allow you to create and share your mind maps. My favourite so far has been Popplet. I have found it to be super user friendly (always a bonus). Some other online mind mapping applications I have attempted to use are quite complicated and not so user friendly. In saying this I am good with technology and learning new things around IT comes pretty quickly to me. I did however work in communications for 8 years in the Navy and have always been a bit of a computer geek.

Popplet also has an app for iPad and iPhone which you can link to an online account (which is super awesome).

This mind map that I have posted in here is based on the information that I was given throughout the trimester. The information does not reflect any of my opinions. This mind map is not posted here to offend anyone but is here as a demonstration of a study technique that works for me. Hopefully that little disclaimer is clear enough.

Yeah it is pretty massive and a bit difficult to read on this platform but I think you get the point. Popplet also allows you to collaborate with other people by gving them access to your popplet and they are also able to make a contribution.

Good little tool this one.. well in my opinion.

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